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Self-care, sustainable joy, and the scent of cereal

What a treat it was to open the door and be greeted with a handsome box of samples from Moonday. The Canadian company, launched in 2020, offers a delightful line that includes clothing, hair accessories, and jewelry. They also make phthalate/paraben-free, soy-wax candles with vegan ingredients and essential oils. These are hand-poured into recyclable glass containers by a small team in Montreal.

Just launched is a Spring Bloom soy candle collection with new scents—Give me a Break (coconut and lime), But First Laundry (grapefruit and fresh cotton) and Almost Summer (vanilla, strawberry, and lemon). Any would make a fragrant addition to self-care practices like reading, meditating, bathing, or exercising.

There are also classics like Arctic Breeze, a heavenly blend of lavender and eucalyptus.

TBH, I was a vaguely appalled at the description of Good Morning as evoking Fruit Loops, the (LOL) “fruity” cereal of my childhood (okay also my adulthood). Wouldn’t that smell like a sticky mess, I wondered? But like all the scents I tested, the fragrance of this soy candle was super subtle, and very pleasing—a light and charming mix of lemon, berry, and grain. I’m a convert. I’m not alone, apparently—it’s a bestseller.

Moonday runs on the philosophy that slow living is healthier and more beautiful. They focus on creating products they hope will help people find small, environmentally-conscious ways to practice joyful self-care in everyday life.  

Another fun element: Moonday sells DIY kits for soy candle lovers. Make one as a solo self-care activity, or in a group event with family and friends.

Don’t forget to explore other lines, including jewelry, skin care, and sweet little socks. I especially liked the hair accessories because pretty, affordable ones are so hard to find. I especially have my eye on some flower-power clips. #need/want/love

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