About Vicky

Some people call me a know-it-all.

In fact, I think my endless curiosity makes me more of a “want-to-know-it all”. So I prefer the term Opinion-ista, because my firmly-held views are the result of solid research, thoughtful reflection, and good-old fashioned critical thinking.

After writing for two decades about home and décor, I have — if I do say so myself — gained an exceptional grasp on everything from paint to pillows, tools to textiles, and gadgets to garden tools. I’ve covered it all, and tested just about every home appliance — large and small — known to humankind, including an ill-conceived “bed fan”. (Ask me later.)

Along the way, I’ve seen loads of breathtakingly pretty rooms, while learning that how a space works is as important as how it looks.

While I’ve become a staunch advocate for enlisting a designer — even if it’s just for a few hours of consultation — for just about any room redo, I’m not a snob. As a civilian who likes to putter in decor, I flatter myself that I bring a certain sane calmness to the process. I think spaces can be exquisite without being perfect, especially when achieving perfection is going to give you a coronary thrombosis (bad).

As a dedicated home chef for a family of six, I’ve delighted in discovering, making and fine-tuning delicious, healthy and easy to prepare recipes, and have thought long and hard about which countertop appliances and tools are worth giving up cupboard and drawer space for.

When I don’t know the answer to something, I know who to ask. And I’m always happy to pass on what I learn.

I’ve aired my opinions abundantly (some say too abundantly – please see know-it-all, above) in national print media, regional magazines, on television and radio stations, have consulted on home-related media and marketing campaigns, and shared my expertise in talks and seminars with designers and other home décor professionals.

All that information and expertise, insight, inspiration, advice — and opinion — now comes together under one roof in Around the House. You, dear reader, are invited in at any time. Stay a while, and please, let me know what you think — especially if you’re a fellow Opinion-ista.


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