Blue skies reflected in summer decor

Dear Auntie Vicky,

I am in such a walloping tizz about which colour to pick for my summer accessories. I feel like I am drowning in choices. Throw me a lifeline?


In a Quandry Over Colour.


I love you, dear reader, but – don’t be ridiculous. There are 9,677,844,321,798,651,244 things to be more worried about than your summer decor colours! Pick whichever ones makes you smile. Having said that, there’s an ocean of lovely blues out there and I, for one, couldn’t be happier. Is there really a better colour for the season? And does anything pair better with summery greens?  Here’s a pretty selection of pieces, including some at the darker, inkier   end of blue, from Lowes.



Vicky Sanderson

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