CEO leads new tech leaps Around the House

Okay, so the CEO of Around the House (ATH on Nasdaq) is actually me, and the new tech consists of me figuring out how to edit and resize pics on my new MacBook (former PC user here). As long as I was practising, I thought I should pick a theme, so I took as inspiration the lovely golden-toned fixtures and finishes I am seeing and loving these days. Who isn’t drawn to warm metals and buttery palettes? Especially with caramel and camel complements. As for the notion that I’ll tire of those finishes more quickly than silver metals-that makes no sense to me. I liked strawberry ice cream the first time I tasted it and have liked it equally well for the last 63 years or so. I will say that silver metals have more ability to recede into white and grey backgrounds, as does the Grohe tub-filler shown at the end of this piece.

Love the simple rounded lines and soft finish of Moen’s Smyth faucet in bronzed gold.
Gold fixtures warm up more high-contrast black and white mosaic penny rounds and glossy rectangular brick (also WZ).

Cherish golden moments

Penny rounds from Walker Zanger in stoney tones would be a nice match for yellow-toned metals

Elegance, simplicity, and functionality converge in Grohe’s Atrial line.
SMEG high tech appliances come in polished and matte gold finishes.

Vicky Sanderson

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