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Self-care never smelled so subtle

As with so many self-care products, consumers are increasingly concerned about the safety of the ingredient list of drugstore deodorants. Many now look to natural formulas that stop the stink without elements like aluminum salts. which may be a health concern—particularly to women.  Aluminum salts are also used in sun creams and toothpastes, btw.

hello products include fresh, naturally sourced ingredients

Whatever the reason for choosing them, sales of natural deodorants are exploding. By 2026 the market for them—whether sprays, sticks, creams or roll-ons—is expected to stand at US$ 152-million.

One of the newest lines comes from hello, a U.S. company that makes self-care products using naturally sourced elements that don’t include questionable stuff like triclosan, or artificial sweeteners, dyes, and fragrances.

Benefits of this prettily packaged collection of natural deodorants include:

  • no aluminum
  • subtle natural fragrances like fresh citrus, sage + eucalyptus, sweet coconut, and an unscented option
  • no baking soda
  • packaging is made from recycled material

There’s no testing on animals, and they’re vegan. The makers promise 24-hour protection. In testing them, I found them very effective, especially compared with other natural deodorants I’ve tried. Because of the smooth texture, I also found they glide more easily on my skin than other, chalkier formulas I’ve used.

A collection of deodorants amde with natural ingredients and without aluminum in fresh scents

TIP: If you’re new to natural deodorant, be aware that there may be a period of adjustment. Here’s a good overview of switching from conventional deodorant to more sustainable formulas.  

The odd time I do get stinky, I just wash my underarms before I go to bed, which is rather a pleasant chore if you choose a gently fragrant soap. I’m a fan of Canadian self-care brand Duckish, which recently added plastic-free body, shampoo and conditioner bars to its line-up. Delicious scents include citrus and lavender.

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