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New mural concept brings accessible design to a wall near you

A powder room with ombre blue wallpaper mural

One of the expressions of the renewed taste for ornamentation noted in so many 2022 trend line-ups, will surely be more wall murals and papers used in interior design. After all, it’s an effective way to make a decorative statement fairly quickly and relatively easily. The fresh focus on walls makes it a good time for designer Katie Hunt to bring to market a connecting mural concept from her company, Remix. The designs that come in seven-panel sets that do for a standard twelve- by nine- foot wall. Additional sets can be used to cover more surfaces—like ceilings—or larger walls; a  twenty-four- by nine- foot wall, for example, would require two kits.

The system requires less math by the homeowner, which in turn saves costs.

WHERE TO FIND: the Remix line is available at retailers like Home Depot.

Typically, a custom mural could sell for at least two or three times more than the $198 a Remix set costs, says Hunt,

Printed in the U.K. with environmentally-friendly processes, the quality of a Remix wallpaper mural means it reacts well to being stretched around cabinetry or a corner, says Hunt. “This paper is extremely strong, so if you are pushing it into spaces, it won’t tear.”

The non-woven surface is both wipeable and extremely forgiving of wall surface variation. Installation should present no problem for a moderately-gifted DIYer. How-to videos are available at  www.remixwalls.com.

“Price point was really important for me because I wanted people to be able to say yes to more spaces,” says Hunt.

Now creating a follow-up collection, Hunt says homeowners are even more ready to embrace wall murals and papers. “I see a lot of people going for it,” she says, “deciding that they’re going to paper a wall, and that they should make it fun.”

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