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Set on simple, sustainable gifts this holiday season?

Got a friend who’s super-focused on sustainability? Glad to hear it—we need more like them. This post is about what to offer these good folk, with suggestions for sustainable gifts with a little sizzle, but which won’t put too much of a pinch on the budget. Because waste is an issue that needs addressing, most eco-friendly types are working on reducing single-use packaging in their lives. It’s a big topic of conversation, especially given that it was set to be banned in Canada by the end of this year. It’s not good news that the goal has been postponed, but at least it’s an area in which consumers can forge ahead.

One way is with reusable storage containers, which more and more consumers want to incorporate into their kitchens. Cuisipro has a range of reusable zip bags, including a 2000-ml size that’s ideal for marinating, sous-viding steaks or keeping cereal fresh and sealed.

sustainable gift ideas include reusable silicone bags that can go ion the freezer or oven
Silicone bags help keep the kitchen organzied and get points for sustainability.

Because they are heat resistant up to 420°F and  freezer resistant down to -40°F, they can go in the oven, microwave, dishwasher and freezer. Made of platinum silicone, they include zero plastic, are hypoallergenic, free of BPA/BPS, and comply with FDA food-grade standards.

Sustainable gifts include tasty treats

That’s the sensible part of the gift. The sensational part is up to you, and it’s fairly easy if you enjoy baking.

Just fill the bag up with home-made goodies.

A few of my favourite recipes include plain oatmeal cookies from a recipe from Edna Staebler’s Food that Really Schmecks. NOTE: I substitute lard for a half and half butter/shortening mix. I make two batches—into one, I fold dried cranberry and white chocolate, in the other finely-chopped dates and dark chocolate.

I also never go wrong with gingerbread from Anna Olson. Or the famous shortbread from Phipps Bakery. Here’s the recipe, the secret of which is roasting the flour. Terribly good.

Attention foodies and baking fans

I found these bags while I was browsing Zestspot, Canada’s new one-stop premium kitchen, table and home brands retailer, where the 2000 mil bag was recently on sale for $22. They also have a substantial recipe section, so I’m trying out their sugar cookie recipe later. I’ll report back.

Soft and chewy ginger/molasses cookies are also a sure-fire hit.

If baking isn’t your thing, you can make a special trail mix or try your hand at spiced nuts, but it will add to the cost.

TIP: Write the recipe on the inside of a holiday card to go with your edible sustainable gifts, which can also be wrapped in a colourful, inexpensive tea towel.

What’s my high-end suggestion?

Surprise—there isn’t one!

Keeping it simple, seasonal, and sustainable today.

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