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Spring forward into a new season for the home

True, spring hasn’t quite sprung. That doesn’t mean it’s not time to get your home ready for a change. In fact, you should probably hop to it, because a seasonal shift is just around the corner.

Allow me to be of assistance with a helpful little to-do list:

Blooms to boost your mood

Get yourself in a spring-like mindset by adding tulips, freesia, or daffodils to your interiors.  If you like something more sculptural, choose forced pussy-willow or forsythia branches. Treat yourself! If you want something more long-lasting, choose a green plant that can move outdoors to a balcony or backyard when summer arrives.

Shrink your carbon footprint this spring

It’s always a good time of year to think about ways to reduce energy use. Why not commit to making one small change this spring? Consider, for example, replacing light bulbs with LEDs, which are approximately 90 per cent more efficient than regular light bulbs. Solar panels are another investment that pay off in lower energy costs and a healthier planet.  Prime-positioning for these units is often the roof, so do include yours in a seasonal check (see below).  

Get to the bottom of the odd-job jar

Make the wait for spring go faster by tackling odd jobs around the house. Do a walk-round of the property to look for structural work that may need attention. Inspect foundations, gutters, window frames, and outdoor AC units. Be especially alert to winter damage to the roof. If there has been any, keep in mind that roof repair is rarely a DIY task. Get an expert like Prince George Roofing to come and assess what work needs doing.

Show your spring colours

Swap out cool winter tones with sunny spring shades. You don’t have to paint an entire room—although it’s a great time of year to do just that. Cushions, throws, rugs, curtains, and accents are all opportunities to inject colour.

Spring is the perfect time to paint. And Sap Green from Farrow & Ball is the perfect seasonal shade.

Re-arrange artwork

Simply moving art from one spot to another can brighten and refresh a space. If your walls are empty, find something to hang—bare walls are so sad. Budget for art a bit tight right now? Create a collage of photos from family albums, or frame interesting leftover pieces of wallpaper or illustrations from vintage magazines. Go to Pinterest to get ideas. It’s where all the cool kids go for DIY art inspiration.

Get growing

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is a healthy, low-cost hobby that can cut your grocery bills and decrease your carbon footprint. Think you’ve got a black thumb? Start off by growing herbs on the windowsill. If you need advice and information, turn to the many guides on the internet.

 Go over the garden

It’s a good idea to wait until it’s at least 50°F before tidying up outside. That’s when it’s time to clean up litter, trim borders, rake/feed lawns, and work on planters. If a low-maintenance lawn is important to you, swap our real grass for artificial turf or xeriscaping. To make small gardens look larger, consider adding a weatherproof mirror or shiny ornament. To make the space even more flexible, add solar-powered lighting.

For many, spring will be the time they put their home on the market for sale. If that’s you, read Five ways to boost the resale value of your house. LMK if you’ve found these tips helpful and what your favourite signs of spring are.

This is a collaborative post. It was not reviewed prior to publication.

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