3D design takes custom style to new heights

The tables in Patricia Urquiola’s Plumon outdoor collection for Kettal are both beautiful to behold, and delightful to ponder. That’s because they are made using 3D stoneware printing, one of several new technologies that create pieces that would not be possible with traditional production techniques., and that opens the doors to unexplored design territory, on both an industrial and an aesthetic level.

Patricia Urquiola’s Plumon side table for Kettal.

Each piece has variations in shape and size, so that no two are alike. This new design tools means that no mould is required and that parts are fired at low temperature, shortening the process and enables a “more dynamic and agile approach,” according to Urquiola.

Does digital printing produce a mechanistic piece, one that lacks warmth and character? Take a look at the pics at right and below. I’ll let you judge for yourself, but for me the answer is an emphatic NO.

These graceful,. versatile tables have a sense of movement that evoke fluidity and organic growth, of the earth’s cycle. At the same time, the layered finish remains constant, and is a signature trait of the collection.

To undertake the project for Kettal. a multidisciplinary team was formed with the 3D printing company La Máquina by Noumena, a cutting-edge manufacturing centre that focuses on blending advanced sustainable materials with innovative printing strategies, and which happens to be based in one of the world’s most dynamic and design-forward cities-Barcelona.

More below from Patricia Urquiola’s Plumon line, which is inspired by the idea of dressing-cushions and covers are easily removed and replaced. With a few simple movements, a padded “dress” is placed on the rigid teak structure. That’s a plus for any outdoor collection. Comfort is carefully considered- as the garment generously covers the armrests and the outside of the backrest.

Vicky Sanderson

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