How cotton produces sweeter dreams and better sleep

sunshine from a window spills onto a modern bed frame made of wood made with fresh crisp white bedding and several pillows in different shades of blue, beige, pink and white
A queen size bed against a coffered cream wall dressed in navy blue linen bedding and piled high with crisp, fluffy white pillows.

Made from fine Egyptian cotton, Pure Parima bedding is highly breathable, so that it maintains consistent body temperature overnight.

While I typically choose percale over sateen finishes, I was immediately seduced by a sample of Pure Parima’s Yalda set, which has a wonderfully silky finish. They are superbly soft, slightly warming on cool nights and deliciously cool on hot nights. Elastic corner straps keep the bottom sheet in place. Discreet embroidery and double-hem stitching adds polished detail. The Icy Blue shade I got is one of several delicious colours. I love it on its own or mixed with other white or floral bed linen.

For afternoon naps, I like the look of an Egyptian cotton knit throw with a textured seed-stitch that has a relaxed, cozy feel. It comes in soft and inviting tan, cream, midnight, and sky blue shades.

a sunny modern bedroom with a twin  bed dress in organic sateen cotton sheets with embodied top sheet and pillows  from pure Parma in a icy blue shade
Pure Parima bedding is exceptional value imo. A Yalda queen set sells for $250 US.
Keep your eye out for sales, which are terrific.

I sleep easier knowing that sustainability is considered and monitored the production process, from sourcing materials to manufacturing practices. It’s hard to find a company that’s perfect, but it’s always important to ask questions about where home products come from, imho.

Before we go, a few bonus bed linen care tips:

  • Don’t wash linen with other fabrics as it can rough up the surface
  • Use a mild, biodegradable detergent that doesn’t contain brighteners or bleach
  • Use half the recommended detergent: never pour it directly on top of sheets
  • Air or line-dry whenever possible
a bunch of fluffy sheep against a blue background

And if all else fails, try counting furry friends

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