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Cordless appliances save kitchen space and help you cook better

A long-time fan of KitchenAid I was excited to hear about their new cordless collection, which includes an immersion-blender; a two-speed, five-cup cordless chopper that mixes, chops, purees and whips; and a variable-speed hand-blender that can make up to 200 cookies on a full charge.

Each item comes in blue, two shades of red, matte grey, black, and white. 

I’ve tested all three, and am a very much a fan. Lightweight, compact and powerful, I find I’m using at least one of them most days. That’s in contrast to a lot of counter-top appliances I’ve tried over the years; they tend to end up on a shelf or at the back of cupboard. I love not having a tangle of cords to contend with, and I love the small-footprint design.

Ever knocked and broken a favourite over a piece of dishware with a cord?
Cordless appliances eliminate the risk.

I probably used the immersion blender the most at first. It can blend 25 bowls of soup on a full charge, has a sturdy four-point stainless steel blade that blends and purees ingredients super quickly. A clever removable pan guard that fits over the blade means it can be used directly into cook-ware without doing damage. It’s also good for homemade mayo, pesto, smoothies, and whipped cream. And clean-up is so easy.

As I harvested herbs from the garden in the fall, the five-cup chopper got a good work-out. It was so easy to chop large quantities of fresh herbs, some of which I churned into ramekins of butter and froze for future use. I also stored (super clean!) jars with clean, dry, chopped herbs, filled them with oil, and stored them in fridge-they are such great flavour boosters. I also use the chopper-with a whisk attachment-to make my weekly portion of vinaigrette.

I’ve been positively nutty (get it?) about cooking with pistachios this fall. I used the hand-held mixer to beat together this rosewater, cardamom, and pistachio cake. I used the chopper to grind almonds into the flour the recipe called for, and to roughly cut the nuts for the glaze, which I mixed with the immersion blender.

The fave item I’ve made so far with this set has got to be Pistachio Cream: the mini-chopper came in so handy to make this delicious recipe.

FYI-I went light on the sugar and added a tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk at the end, which gave it a lovely silky texture. Not only is this a terrific treat to keep in the pantry, it makes a wonderful gift-especially when presented in a inexpensive, reusable jar.

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