My dental health? In the pink, thx.

Edvard Munch The Scream 1955

Bet you didn’t know I used to have a phobia about dentists. It started when I was  14, after a dentist accidentally (!?!) jabbed an anesthetic needle through an exposed root of a tooth that was, understandably, very sensitive. I howled like an Edward Munch painting. Herr Doktor told me not to be a baby, and kept tunneling away. The pain was hideous.

After that it’s a blur of avoidance and denial — until the fog lifted at 20, when I connected with  Dr. J., a young-fella dentist who specialized in scaredy-cats like me. We’ve been getting along like a house on fire ever since. At our first appointment, he explained that superior oral hygiene would 2) keep my dental emergencies to a minimum and b) make requisite visits shorter and less invasive. Thanks to the j-man, I committed right then and there to taking good care of my pearlies. Happily, doing so become a ritual I really enjoy. I LIKE having nice, clean teeth and clean breath. Even on days when I don’t get around to brushing my hair. (Editor – more of those than you care to admit, undoubtedly.)

And that, friends, is why I am all too willing to sing the praises of Philips Sonicare DiamondClean.  I, and the rest of my family, have been using a Sonicare for about a decade. Philips says this one will give you whiter teeth in about a week, and that dental hygiene — gum health — will improve within two weeks.  For me, anecdotal evidence is good. I’ve had no cavities in years and cleanings are done in about 20 minutes, with no bleeding or pain.

Because I like a bit of pretty as much as the next person, I’ll point out that I scored a sweet accessory when I got the model  with a clear rinsing glass (it charges the brush) sitting in a pinky gold base that plugs into a wall outlet.

BUT WAIT, there’s more. It also comes with a chic, compact pink travel case that charges through a USB cord — easy to pop into a purse or backpack for a quick dash to Paris for a weekend fling, or to Duluth, Minnesota for a two-day rock-collecters’ conference. Just grab your laptop, credit card, toothbrush case and go.  Elegant, no?

This post was sponsored by Philips. They did not review the contents and the opinions are – but of course – mine. ALL MINE!

Vicky Sanderson

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