Every room – even the tiniest – deserves a desk.

tight shot of an open drawer from a dressing table with a cultlery tray to organize toiletries.
One of my favourite storage tips is to use inexpensive cutlery holders from the dollar store to organize toiletries in a dressing table drawer.

Maybe it’s because I’m a writer that every space I furnish ends up with a desk in it. But I firmly believe that a flat surface at which you can sit and write, open mail, wrap a present, or sign a card  — whatever — enhances any room, especially given the degree to which laptops have become a staple of modern life.

It’s so convenient to have a perch where you can pop open your device to search for a recipe, deal with after-hour emails, or check in to find out what the Kardashians are doing.

DIY shelves tucked into a small room to provide space ina guest room
Take advantage of unused space in small rooms. Here, we turned a nook beside a heating stack into mini shelves.

Sometimes, though, it’s hard to figure out where to squeeze a desk in, particularly in smaller rooms. But to my mind, there’s always space for a writing surface.

Around the House, we have two rooms with awkward, cramped dormer window areas.  I  added a desk to both. In one, I used a glass desk from Bouclair — I like that the clear surface opens the space up visually while serving as desk, dressing table, and storage.

In my own room, I used an inexpensive work desk from Ikea to do double duty as a dressing table. Another example comes from my cottage, where as hard as I might try to avoid it, I occasionally need to attend to a query from an editor or an unexpected deadline.

Jewellry in glass storage cased from Ikea and vintage wedgewood tea cup.
Sammanhang glass storage cases from Ikea and vintage accessories are a pretty way to hold jewellry.

Hope this inspiration helps you solve any small space desk dilemma you may face, and that you find the tips for maximizing space and storage useful.

Sources: Ikea, Bouclair, Urban Barn. Product was supplied but this post was neither reviewed or approved by these retailers.

A teeny tiny Ikea desk in a home office with patterened rug and drapes made of drop cloth
A teeny tiny Ikea desk actually helps keep my office more – not less – organized. Having less surface to pile things on means “stuff” needs to be dealt with quickly.
This small glass desk is perfect for a spare room, offering a convenient surface for work or grroming, and a second shelf to store travel items.
This small glass desk from Bouclair is perfect for a spare room, offering a convenient surface for work or grooming, and a second shelf to store travel items.
cottage family toom withw ide screen televesion, electric fireplace, vintage stools and an art poster in blues and green.
I even found room for a space-saving desk at my cottage., where I occasionally work from. This handsome slim profile console is from Urban Barn.












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