Faux fur > Frightful weather < Fair comment

There’s a nasty, vicious rumor going around that while everyone else is proudly making public declamations of their “intentions” for the coming year, I am sinking into a state of what’s known in my family as “Slavic Melancholia”. This is a seasonal condition marked by one’s wanting to do nothing but lounge, watch black and white movies, wash down large amounts of full-fat cheese with wine, and sigh abundantly.

Not only is this #FAKENEWS, it’s downright actionable**!!!

But while I categorically deny these outrageous allegations, I will admit to the belief that frightful weather is best dealt with by staying indoors, preferably with a good book and under a snugly rug that’s plush and comfortable.

I’m not going to debate today whether faux or real fur is a more environmentally responsible choice in a throw. It certainly feels more cruelty-free, except when I consider what harvesting the petroleum used to make synthetic textiles does to the global habitat. All that’s talk for another day. For now, I’ll say that if you go faux, there are lots of luscious options.

Buy the best you can afford — cheaper iterations tend to quickly take on the look and feel of a well-loved, well-washed teddy bear. Not that the texture of a long and lovingly-held stuffed animal doesn’t have its charms, of course.


wide shot of faux fur throw on creamy white bedroom
Au Lit

Au Lit Fine Linens has some very lovely faux throws, including a marvelous mock mink in inky black or iced tones for $549.  Keep it for even a decade and it works out to $55 annually. You’re worth it, honey. There are no care instructions listed on the site, but it’s a safe bet it’s dry clean only. As of Jan. 2nd, some were 10 per cent off.







faux fur throw from simons on bed with faux suede on reverse
Simons Maison

Simons Maison offers a tone-on-tone faux fur with a silky faux-suede on the reverse side for $95 – matching items also available.








faux chinchilla throw
Urban Barn

Urban Barn’s Sansa’s faux Chinchilla throw, with its satiny back, screams Gloria Swansen in Sunset Boulevard. Very classy, very retro. Dry clean recommended. It’s regularly $129 – but on sale for $100 last time I checked.

**My having written this should  lay rest to the slanderous, libelous, laughable, completely false allegations of my early-year slothfulness. Fiends who persist in them will hear from my lawyer – Harley  P. Longbottoms., B.A.

Featured pic credit: Bouclair


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