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Make your move (more enjoyable)

It’s the one of the few jobs that doesn’t get easier the more you do it. Because moving house is stressful, however many times you repeat it. If it’s the first time, you can throw fear of the unknown into the strange and exhausting  mix of anxiety and excitement. There are, though, some fairly straightforward ways to make sure that everything gets done, and to avoid problems and hiccups. If a move is on your horizon, I hope these tips help.

Plan Ahead

It’s really important to try and plan ahead.  If you have furniture on order for the new space, for example, check and double-check sizes, finishes, and delivery dates. Cancel any bill payments necessary or move them over to the new property. Make sure mail from your old property will be forwarded to the new one for several few months. Creating a packing plan and making sure you have the necessary supplies will ease the process considerably.

Choose a moving partner carefully

There are lots of great moving companies out there. And then, there are some that are…not so great. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right one. After all, you’re putting your belongings and valuables into the hands of strangers. Investing in the best services you can afford will ensure the move goes more smoothly, and that your possessions arrive at their new home intact. Doing some research with a company like Allied Van Lines Canada is a good place to start.

Pack like a pro

If you do pack up yourself, make sure you have the right materials on hand ahead of time—sturdy boxes, good tape, a method for marking boxes. Be extra careful with easily breakable items—cover them in bubble wrap, and label the boxes as fragile.  Packing takes time, so give yourself a long lead here, and do the work over several days.

Give yourself a break

You might want to think about taking some time off during this busy period, so that you can focus solely on the move. And do consider giving yourself a day or two after the move to recover, relax, and revel in your new home.


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