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Hot girl, tomato girl, silver girl,climate-change, lazy girl-it was hard to decide just what kind of summer I’m going to have. Finally, I settled on botanical oils-girl summer, and decided to start a summer skincare routine in January. It’s been twelve glorious weeks of slathering serum all over the old girl. Best summer I’ve had in decades, and I look fantastic. Loved it for me. Love it for you. Love it for winter. Here’s me spilling the skincare tea with my millions and millions of fans worldwide with a round-up of what I’ve tried and liked:

When I was introduced to Weleda’s oil-to-milk cleanser at the start of the year, I predicted it was going to be a 2023 favourite for me. As we head into fall, I can confirm I’m still fan-girling both it and face creams-all extensions of the famous Skin Food line whose botanical oils already enjoy cult-status among beauty bloggers. The plant-based fragrance is lovely, with echoes of sunflower seed oil and chamomile flower extract. Used with dry hands on dry skin, it cleans gently but effectively, without leaving skin feeling stripped. I also use the Skin Food night/day creams and love that they are penetrate but feel light

a collection of plant-based skincare and serum with botanical oils from Weleda, on a wooden table, with plants around the products.
This Oil-to-Milk Cleanser, which includes botanical oils. won a 2023 Cosmo Award for best facial balm

L’huile visage, a face oil serum from Selv has a wonderfully warm and comforting fragrance of geranium-which on its own has tonic properties-in a blend of tea tree, jojoba and hemp oil. It just melts into my skin, especially after a warm shower. Other products I’d like to try from the brand include a restorative facial oil with organic argon and rosehip oil, and rosewater cold cream.

Oceanly (shown below) from Attitude is a favourite line for travel, whether it’s short hop or long haul. These water-free sticks, packaged in plastic-free, sturdy cardboard tubes cleanse and moisturize your face, with creamy, nourishing botanical oils and high-performance serums.

L’huile visage has wonderfully warm and comforting fragrance of geranium, which on its own has tonic properties-in the mix of tea tree, jojoba and hemp oil. Other products I’d like to try from Selv include a hydrating white rose facial mist (below right).

a bottle of botanical facial mist nest;led among greenery and flowers.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Eclat products. The Anti-Wrinkle day cream and botanical oil I tried was an instant favourite, as was the cactus water toner, which I found was a wonderful prelude to the serum, and seemed to help it absorb and maintain its hydrating effects.

Another new-to-me skincare name is Crawford Street. I tried and loved their cream deodorant, and am now dying to try a cold cream with rosewater and restorative facial oil made with organic argon and rosehip oil.

For hot and steamy summer days, I did like the light, airy feel of Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal (middle pic above. far right), which promises to hydrate immediately on application, and help skin retain moisture longer for a “plumped” look. LOVED how cool and light the serum felt on my face and neck before layering on light face cream and sunscreen.


HONOURABLE MENTION: Tai Body Oil from Sade Baron : A delicious combination of prickly pear, broccoli seed, calendula, and sea buckthorn oils, along with Olive Squalene*, which smoothes, softens, and protects against moisture loss. Fragrance-free, it can be used on hair, body, and face. Add a few pumps to your favourite body lotion for extra hydration-especially after a day in the sun.

I used it everywhere-it has a deeply nourishing, soothing effect without ever feeling oily or glossy. WONDERFUL on my aging neck.

An ancient olive tree standing alone against a dramatic sunset sky.
Ancient olives tree provide a staple in Tai Body Oil

*Read more about squalene here.

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