New fan uses mist and motion to beat the heat

Multi-functionality has become a big buzzword in the consumer product category over the last few decades. That’s co-incided with the rise of apps and features on our phones, which have accustomed us to expect small but mighty devices to handle many tasks. At the same time, the size of living spaces is shrinking, so we are more and more conscious of what we give floorspace to. An excellent example of a consumer product that hits both notes is Shark’s FlexBreeze.

After testing it, I’ve decided this new fan delivers excellent design and performance. Love it for an 800 square foot condo, for example, where having just one lightweight fan that goes indoors, outdoors, as a stand or table fan, would save space, expense, and fuss.

A multi-tasking mister

The fan unit can be detached from the stand, so it can sit on a desk, console, or bedside table. Rain and weather resistant, it can even go to the beach, where it can run for about 20 hours on a single battery charge. Plugged in and charging, it continues to function.

It’s got good reach on standard settings; a boost function throws air about 70 feet.

It’s also small, slim, and unobtrusive; at about 12 pounds all in, it’s easy for me to carry it from space to space.

But wait, there’s more to say about this new fan. The Shark FlexBreeze fan has a misting attachment that easily connects to a hose. Divinely, it makes you instantly feel about 10 degrees cooler. It’s very quiet, even at high speed.

I’m a fan of this new fan

I use it on my condo terrace, such a treat during the waves of climate-change related heat we are having. It has also transformed the care of the tropical plants I’ve recently put outdoors. They LOVE a little misting in the morning.

All that makes this one of my fave ever multi-taskers, there’s not one function that doesn’t make sense, and it easy to operate. This new fan may just turn out to be my best friend this summer.

Circulate air to reduce energy costs

A ceiling fan cools a dimly-lit bedroom in a stylish apartment on a. hot evening.
COOL FACT: a ceiling or floor can reduce air conditions costs by around 14 per cent (Natural Resources Canada)

So, a big shout-out to a convenient, portable little machine that helps me to handle the heat indoors and out, use less energy, and take my plants to new heights of happiness?

I call that a clever, cost-effective way to stay cool.

Vicky Sanderson

A self-confessed Opinion-ista, Vicky Sanderson has been writing and talking about décor, design and lifestyle issues for almost two decades, and has tested just about every home product known to humankind.

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