Simple skincare that makes me fabulous suits me fine

The longer I live, the simpler I like my life. This is especially true for skincare or make-up. Better performance with low-to-no fuss is my style. How then, you ask, do I look so divine, and how do I keep my flawlessly beautiful complexion? To start, I’m not adverse to a little artifice. Hey, I’m 64. I get my eyelashes tinted and facial hair and eyebrows done. But beyond that it’s pretty much brush my hair, put on lipstick, and go.

Even though I now demand that it also be uncomplicated, I remain commited to daily skincare. That’s why I’m very keen on Oceanly—a line of solid, plastic-free, EWG-verified cleansers, serums, and creams from Quebec-based Attitude. It’s good for me and the planet.

Product comes as a stick in a biodegradable cardboard sleeve. Vegan ingredients like phyto-glycogen, vitamin C, botanicals, and peptides are effective for all skin types. Items are sold in bundles and single units. You can also shop by skin concern or type.

Model using Attitude Face serum  bar
Oceanly Face Serums are often made with nutrient-rich kelp.

I’ve been starting with a cleanser with oarwood (kelp) extract, peptides, which boost skin health with amino acid, and glycerin. I apply it to dry hands, lather with water, and apply it to my damp skin.

After that, I spray with my own rosewater or chamomile toner*, and then apply a Phyto-Calm face serum that uses humectants like brown seaweed called bladderwrack, and glycerin to maintain moisture. *Attitude is working on a toner.

Right after a warm shower is a wonderful time to apply the serum. The wand is great for shoulders, arms and hands—and it makes it easy to apply to a spot that often gets forgotten and shouldn’t—the neck. The serum is nourishingly rich but quickly absorbed—it never makes me sticky.

After, I apply the Phyto Age face cream with watercress extract. I feel ready to start my day.

I am devoted to Oceanly serum.. Love the performance and the convenience.

If I’m heading out into very cold or windy weather, I’ll re-swipe my face with the serum. To be honest, I’ll often do that at lunch or during a break when I work all at home, where the air can be dry.

There’s another face oil with evening primrose in the skincare line that I’d like to try; again, because I’ve decided oil is the most effective way to keep my aging skin feeling/looking healthy. Primrose also performs well, in my experience, as a facial care ingredient.

Bars come in two sizes. I’ve come to prefer the smaller; as product in the longer gets used up, it’s harder to push my short finger up inside it!

Smaller ones are a dream for travel. I put them in my carry-on and wash up before landing if it’s a long flight. And who knows—you  might get stuck in an airport:( With Oceanly, at least you can keep skincare up.

NOTE: I was given a quantity of free product to test. Some I kept, some I gave to others to try and report back on. Haven’t spoken to anyone who didn’t rave. It gets consistently good reviews. My younger friends also LOVE it for travel and gym/sports.

A complete line of vegan, eco-friendly skin care from Quebec based Attitude Living.
Quebec-based Attitude Living has brought a whole new concept to facial skincare.

In my case, travelling or staying at home, I have to say I think I look amazing. I’m certain it’s in part to this great new line of cleansers, creams, and serums, which combines superior ingredients with ease of use and sustainability. In fact, I’m calling it my favourite skincare product of 2022*.

As a bonus, I can now order skincare from the same place I already get home and personal care products I like and trust.

Now I wish someone would make a tinted moisturizer I liked. I’d love to add that last little bit of polish/coverage each day.

*LOL I’ve already know what I think will be the best skincare product for 2023.

Vicky Sanderson

A self-confessed Opinion-ista, Vicky Sanderson has been writing and talking about décor, design and lifestyle issues for almost two decades, and has tested just about every home product known to humankind.

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