A powerful, portable blow dryer is a favourite Around the House

It took me a long time to get this review of this blow dryer up on Around the House. Normally, I’d berate myself for the procrastination. But in a way, I am glad I waited to feature the Shark FlexStyle. Because the longer I used it, the more sure I was that among the personal care appliances I tested in 2022, it was not only a favourite—but the best blow dryer I’ve had in years.

The compact design is clever. The wand folds into a light, easy-to-handle blow dryer, When unfolded, you add attachments.; two brushes, a curler, and a concentrator. I typically use the styling wand with the oval brush for drying/styling. The other brush is for straightening.

Best blow dryer for my bob

When I’m feeling fancy, I use auto-wrap curler on damp hair with a touch of serum or volumizing mousse (high heat, cooled for ten seconds, and then pinned). Fast and long-lasting. Sometimes I also use this a few days into my do (especially in drizzly weather), to smooth strays and turn my bob neatly back under.

NOTE: Those are the elements of the kit I got, but others include different accessories, and kits can be customized with three out of five attachments. That’s another design bonus, imo.

Temperature can be very precisely controlled. I almost only use slightly warmed air; my hair is healthier for it. Smoother and less fly-away, it holds its shape better and my cut lasts longer.

So many style options

A young blonde model demonstrates how to  use a multi-functional blow dryer

Heat on the blow dryer can be changed by pressing a button on its base.  So you can, for example, finish a curl with cool air. It just might take a little practice to get muscle memory of where those buttons are.

My chin-length hair is done in about four minutes, so I never had to hold the styling wand up at head height for long. Whatever—good for the arms I guess.

Why I love it

  • It’s a pretty rose gold.
  • It tucks under my sink nicely and fits in small carry-on bags.
  • I literally get style for days with it—especially if I use a bit of volumizing mousse.
  • Drying/styling my hair takes minutes, so I look terrific in no time,
  • The cord for the blow dryer is nice and long, making it easier to work in front of a mirror.
  • The cool settings have been so kind to my dry, aging hair.
  • The $350 price is less than some other brands with similar function/design and more than others. I think this one offers great value for the performance, especially given that a standard blow can cost $50 in my part of the world.

Now if only they would make it dual-voltage so I could take it overseas, it would make the shortlist for the Around the House Product of the Decade!

Vicky Sanderson

A self-confessed Opinion-ista, Vicky Sanderson has been writing and talking about décor, design and lifestyle issues for almost two decades, and has tested just about every home product known to humankind.

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