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How a simple pan is a multi-tasking kitchen helper

I am old and wise enough to know that lot of things are not what they’re cracked up to be. Especially when it comes to the latest kitchen appliances and tools. After 30 years of reviewing them, I’ve heard ALL the hyperbole.

So when I wanted to test one of the new non-stick pans that claim to do it all, I was happy to accept a sample from Kilne, the Canadian company that makes kitchen gear. I thought I could trust them to make a superior version, because I was already a fan of their knife set, which I previously reviewed.

The Kilne Everything Pan is all the things the makers say it is, including handsome. well-balanced, and pleasant in the hand. Its strength is its versality: you can make bacon and eggs, sauté fresh veg, simmer a sauce, or bake a skillet fruit cobbler. A patterned self-basting lid is useful for braising inexpensive cuts of meat or slow-cooked bean dishes. There’s a tight seal on the lid.

Handsome, handy, and holds the heat

Oven safe to 750°F uncovered and 480°F with the lid, it has no PFOA, PTFE, nickel, or other heavy metal components. Made in Italy, the 11-inch pan is scratch- and dent- resistant and a 4.5 mm rim prevents warping, the enemy of good cookware.

The slippery, quick-heating ceramic coating is especially useful for some recipes—including  perfect omelets—and requires less fat or oil when cooking (LOL-that doesn’t actually mean I use less:)

A 2.75 quart capacity makes it deep enough for, say, one-pot meals, dumplings, or spaghetti sauce. I used it very successfully with beet fritters; the next day it quickly warmed and crisped them up.

Don’t forget to use a trivet for oven-to-table dishes. For particularly attractive options, check out Pacha Indigenous Arts Collection, which sells home accessories designed by Indigenous makers from North and South America. I also love their textured woven table-runners, as a way to take table protection to the next level while boosting the tablespace.

I chose a sage green pan that’s also functioning on my winter table as stylish, multi-tasking serve ware. Other versatile neutrals include peppercorn and meringue, All are deliciously easy to clean.

About $140 (free shipping in Canada/USA), with a one-year warranty.

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