Spring cleaning tip: the three things you need to vacuum

Overhead view of a Louis Poulson lamp in shades of blue glass

Where do I think you should put your spring cleaning energy over the next few days? Hint: it’s not the floors. We can certainly get to them later, but the proper spring clean begins, in my opinion, with the ceiling or molding. For that, I use a dry mop or a good vacuum with well-designed extensions and brushes. Once that’s done, here are the three tasks I tackle during a seasonal bedroom refresh that removes dust and improves air quality.

Why just the three to-do items? Because for me, spring cleaning is actually enjoyable (I know, that’s bananas, right?) if I break it down into manageable bites. This process takes me about 40 minutes per room, and because I work from home, I can fit it in when it’s convenient.

Vacuum your mattress

An Endy mattress in a box opened in a bedroom with grey blue decor ready for the vacuum

In spring and fall, I always give the mattress and headboard a good going with a vacuum, using an upholstery attachment with a gentle brush. That sucks up all sort of yucky stuff – dead skin cells, dust mites, pet dander, the crushed popcorn that got in their when you watched Love Actually for the 17th time. (It’s okay, I still cry at it too.)

Dust light fixtures to improve air quality

Overhead view of a Louis Poulson lamp in shades of blue glass

Often forgotten but absolute dust magnets-light fixtures and bulbs. If you’re lucky enough to own a piece like the beautiful Louis Poulson lamps shown above and in the feature pic, it’s time to lovingly and gently clean it-always according to the makers instructions of course. For lampshades, I use a soft cloth or a vacuum brush. While the lampshades are off, dust the bulbs.

Vacuum or replace filters on air-quality systems

Some air cleaners have filters that can be cleaned with a vacuum, others need new filters to maintain air quality
Sharp bills its air purifiers as “library quiet”.

I have been very happy with the Sharp air purifier/humidifier unit I’ve been running over the past few years. It’s got an LED indicator that shows when it’s time to replace filters, but during your spring cleaning, check to see if you need to use a vacuum on the filter, or it needs replacing.


A purple hyacinth in full bloom - suggested as a present to yourself for doing spring cleaning with a vacuum.

After all that hard work to get ready for spring , surely you deserve to enjoy some of its special gifts. So splurge on your favourite spring flower. It doesn’t need to cost a lot. This pretty plant was just $7. Its bloom and scent lasted for weeks. Later this year, it will get planted outside.

What’s your favourite spring treat for the home? Or a special cleaning tip you’d like to share?

Vicky Sanderson

A self-confessed Opinion-ista, Vicky Sanderson has been writing and talking about décor, design and lifestyle issues for almost two decades, and has tested just about every home product known to humankind.

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