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The garden as getaway

Political turmoil. Economic uncertainty. Calamities of every sort, stretching across a troubled globe. A noisy and sometimes vitriolic social media landscape. It all takes a toll, doesn’t it?

And that was before a global pandemic. No wonder that our homes have never felt so much like a refuge from the dangers without.

While it’s nice to be snug and cosy inside, getting outside is a must for both mental and physical health. For many this year, that will mean hanging out in the backyard, possibly the safest spot to take in some fresh air, be close to plants, birds, and flowers, and enjoy the benefits of natural light, or as we like to call it,  Mother Nature’s own mood enhancer.

That’s why it makes such good sense right now to spruce up your outdoor space, add a new feature, or boost its tranquility factor. Here are some tips to get started:

Tidy up: Seed and weed lawns and gardens, prune bushes, trees and shrubs where appropriate, wash patio furniture, and remove garbage/garden debris.

Perfume with plants: Think about seeding the garden with lavender, chamomile, mint and jasmine—they’re the ultimate outdoor aromatherapy. If you already have these plants, maybe it’s time to split the plant and establish a new bed.

Wash away worry: The gentle chuckle of moving water never fails to encourage a sense of relaxation. Why not bring it to your garden with a water feature? Installing one as an isolation project would be a great way to get outside, and the payoff would be another little corner of calm in the garden. Take a look at this step by step guide.

Lighten up: Outdoor spaces are no longer bound by the elements that used to define them – heavy woods, solid metals, and sturdy but unlovely concrete. Advances in materials mean you can create a sleek, modern and highly usable space. That’s the case with those found at Dekko.ca, where you’ll find a proprietary concrete that’s handsome, less than half the weight of conventional concrete, doesn’t require special foundations, and is both versatile and customizable. It’s also well-suited to firepits—another attractive outdoor feature that also extends the season for sitting outside.

Hang out: The ultimate ode to relaxation, a hammock brings a softly sculptural element to a gardenscape. Add a small outdoor pillow and it’s also perfect for al fresco naps.

Image by Krakow Garden Design via Pexels

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