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Botanical prints bridge historical and contemporary design

Botanical motifs have a long and lovely history in design for the home. I saw some particularly pretty iterations of it when I popped into Green Light District, a west-end Toronto store with home furnishings and accessories personally sourced from around the world by owners Deborah and David. Everything is original design, made to order using natural materials, with a significant hand-made component, craftsmanship and a commitment to eco and social consciousness. These pieces come from Evolution Products, a South Africa-based design studio whose mission is to transform “nostalgic narratives… into products that celebrate the past and cultivate our unique relationship with time and geographical space.”

Available in Canada through Green Light District

fern patterned botanical pillows in linen from south africa in pink and green

Fern patterns in 100 per cent linen

Linen Wall hanging of Schizaea fern print in linen with embroidered detail in rich browns against a leather chair by Christopher Solar

Schizaea fern print in linen with embroidered stitching







Dip dyed pillow in linen. Not a botanical, of course, but too pretty to leave out!

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