Jewelry maker has a role in new Richard Linklater film

There’s a funny six degrees of separation connect between me and some pretty famous folks this week. I am happy to count among my friends Texas-based jewel artist Sugar Gay Isber, who recently designed jewelry for the latest film directed by Richard Linklater. I’m a big fan of him too (sadly, we’re NOT friends). Films by the American-born Linklater include Slacker, Dazed and Confused, and Waking Life, an animated film about lucid dreaming, as well as the  Before trilogy of films with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy.

Hitman is now streaming on Netflix and in theatres, which is where I think I’ll see it. Described by Linklater as a black comedy/romance that follows a New Orleans police contractor (Glen Powell) trying to help a women fleeing abuse (Adria Arjona). Yeah. I know that premise sounds weird (like where are the laffs in abuse?) but I trust Linklater as a director and can’t wait to see how this dark thriller unfolds on screen.

Sugar’s work combines originality and meticulous craftsmanship.

Costume designer Juliana Hoffpauir approached Sugar to oversee the collection, which includes rare quartz aqua beads from Sugar’s own world-renowned stash, some of which dates back over 20 years, and houses beads that are no longer produced.

One of the star pieces is a necklace centred with a 100-carat hand-faceted aqua stone set within a vintage 50s crystal belt buckle. Sugar also created a matching bracelet, earrings, and ring, all worn to signal the character’s wealth and power.

A little bit more Sugar: she has a TV show on the Made It Myself network called Jewelry Stars by Sugar Gay Isber and a podcast, Jewelry as Your Side Hustle, available anywhere you listen to your podcasts. She teaches jewelry design at Austin Community College. Hermes chose her as one of the top artisans in Texas. Her work has even reached royal heights, with the late Queen of England owning a pearl bracelet, and has been sold at some of North America’s most prestigious retailers.

Just how original is Gay? Her works include a Blue Topaz Crystal necklace- almost two feet long – with a repousse brass horse head. Repousse is a form of metal work that’s hammered into relief from the reverse side. No I didn’t know that either. One “bridal crown” is a shiny tangle of thin metal threads above which dance butterflies, and there’s a necklace made with faceted crystals that are as big as meatballs. Her vision so unique, so joyful, and so organic. I’ve been a fan for years.

Vintage and rare materials figure frequently in Sugar’s work.

For more of my pal’s exceptional jewelry designs, visit her website 

And if you see the movie, let me know what you think below – of it, and the jewelry:)

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