Kids’ bedrooms: good design is child’s play

wide shot of dark blue bedroom with wood furniture and blue draperies
Sneak peak – my son James opted for moody blues tones and lots of texture for his bedroom. Designer Lisa Canning helped me pick the colour – so terrific!

My “baby” is now 21 years old, so my interest in the design and decor of children’s bedrooms is less intense than it once was. And, to be honest,  with four kids and tight funds, my kids’ rooms were always pretty utilitarian.* It did not weigh much on my mind. Back then there seemed to be two options – very expensive rooms put together by a designer, or cheesy “themed” rooms based on the Disney character du jour. Neither appealed to me, one for financial, the other for aesthetic, reasons.  So it’s been lovely to watch the evolution of decor and design for kids, as illustrated by this gallery of wonderful rooms created by HomeSense.  Versatile, handsome and playful, these polished, sophisticated looks are made possible in part by  the increased availability of good-quality, affordable options, says Tamara Robbins Griffith, design expert for HomeSense. “Selection has improved so much over the last ten years — it’s easy to get excited about a kid’s room, and it’s easier to achieve a high design look on a budget,” she says. No kidding! These rooms are divine, are they not?  Two clever ideas to note – incorporating a child’s own work into an art wall, and using simple hooks and baskets to help kids keep stuff tidy (Okay, yes, I know, good luck with that one – but worth a try, right?)

* Kid Three and Kid Four, who still – sort of – live at home, did get makeovers within the last few years – more on that later. (See pic at right – shot by Michael LaFond). All other photos from HomeSense.



Vicky Sanderson

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