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Tips for getting top dollar from your home sale

There are big plans afoot Around the House in 2021. This year, we’ll be selling the big family home and downsizing to something smaller and more manageable. We’ve picked May as the month to put the house on the market. It turns out to be a wise choice;  according to U.S. News, spring is the best time to sell.

But because winter will be over before we know it (I promise) I plan to use the next few months to get the house in order.  If I plan carefully, tackle jobs one at a time, and stick to a schedule, I’m confident I can be ready without driving myself batty. I’ve done a little research about how to make that happen, and I’m happy to share tips to increase the resale value of your home.

Clean rugs and draperies to remove odours and freshen the room.


Switch out kitchen and bath fixtures that look tired and worn. In the master bath, for example, we reglazed the bath and replaced a dated fixture with an affordable modern option. It’s given the room a new lease on life, and I wish I’d done it years ago.


Washable window treatments should be taken down and laundered. For others, use a brush attachment on the vacuum to remove dust, or put them on an air setting in the dryer. TIP: Don’t crowd the dryer. Wash windows inside and outside. It will improve the views and give potential buyers the sense that they’re in a well-cared-for space.


Maybe you don’t want to invest the time and money in a full-on kitchen reno. But do zero in on small investments that can make a difference. Instead of replacing kitchen cabinets, maybe you can get away with repainting them and switching out handle hardware. And remember that while you’ve gotten used to the leaking faucet, the door that won’t close, the toilet that needs two flushes, potential buyers won’t be. And they may just wonder if there aren’t other, bigger problems they can see. So fix those little things now.


The exterior of your home makes—or breaks—a first impression. Make a schedule now for tidying up gardens, pulling out weeds, fertilizing the yard, and setting out plants. Add colourful planters to the front porch for a welcoming entrance.  Make strategic investments. According to the Herald-Tribune, replacing your garage door will, for example, not only boost the curb appeal of your home but also give a net return of 97 per cent of the investment.

Use good scents

Flowers elevate any space.

Unpleasant smells can put off potential buyers. Deal with odors from old textile, tobacco, pets, and cooked foods. That may require professional cleaning for rugs or upholstery. Consider hiring a pest control company if there are bugs or—horrors!—rats in your home. Add fresh flowers and scented candles to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Stay neutral

A fresh coat of paint is the easiest, most affordable way to smarten up any room. Not a big surprise, but according to Home Advisor, neutral colours are the best choice.

Rely on a realtor

A real-estate professional can help you through every stage of your home sale, starting with a walk-through—either live or virtual—to offer advice on how to best prepare it for market.

This is a collaborative post. It was not reviewed prior to publication.

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