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Easy to use, eco-friendly scrubber helps green the kitchen

I have a long list of things I feel guilty about  —  there’s the sorry state of my underwear drawer, the pile of table linens that’s been waiting to be ironed since Christmas (2017), the fact that I reportedly traumatized my kids by refusing to buy Dunkaroos when they were little, and my terrible habit of always saying what I think aloud, to name but a few. But one that inevitably finds its way to the top of my “I’m a loser” list is that, despite my best efforts, I am not green enough. And that one really niggles because it won’t just affect my life, but, like, THE ENTIRE WORLD. I am trying, planet, but I get so confused by the recycling poster, and an electric car is not in the budget!

Eco friendly Euroscrubby being rinsed under kitchen tap. So it’s lovely to discover simple, easy kitchen switches that make it a more sustainable space. My most recent find is the EuroScrubby, a five- by six-inch cotton square with an abrasive texture that takes the place of detergent-infused disposable scrub pads. Except you can use this one safely on everything — wood, glass, marble, porcelain, stainless steel, counter-tops, and non-stick pans. Ergo — one small pad instead of a pile of cloths, scrubs and brushes to litter the sink area.

It’s easy to clean — just pop it into the top rack of the dishwasher or in the washing machine (not of course, with your silk negligee – think towels and cleaning cloths). Depending on how it’s cared for and how much use it gets, a EuroScrubby will last up to two years.

The Euroscrubby is made in Europe by a Canadian company that also makes kitchen towels, linen dishcloths, and sponges. You can find them up at several retailers, including Kitchen Stuff PlusLee Valley Tools and Amazon.ca 

And those colours – so cheerful!

PS: It just occurred to me that by not doing that ironing, I am saving energy. Yeah me. I am going to let those tablecloths sit there another twelve months. For the sake of the planet, of course.

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