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Pretty and practical, part two

The second in a series about thematically-linked presents at different ends of the affordability scale, this one’s about mixing water and oil to make gift magic. It may sound counter-intuitive but read on, because I hope to convince you. The affordable item comes from Weleda, a century-old natural skin-care company that made the business news recently with the announcement that it is now a B-corp. That means it functions under a global certification system for ethical sourcing of natural ingredients and guarantees that growth and processing of raw materials will conserve biodiversity and natural resources. It also requires that human rights and fair working conditions apply across the supply chain.

One more reason for me to find Weleda’s body beauty oil a delicious and affordable gift. Less than $22, the 3.4-ounce pump bottles of oil come in various botanical scents. I used to insist on wild rose, but I recently added primrose and pomegranate to my repertoire, and haven’t looked back. I make especial use of these oils in the winter, when my skin can get painfully dry. There’s good info about the properties of each online, along with ingredient lists.

You know when oil and water do mix, my friends? When you massage floral-infused oi into your warm, damp skin after a long shower. Not only does this feel and smell divine, it protects your skin from irritation and infection. So my higher-end gift suggestion is a showerhead that turns even the littlest shower stall into a spa. Top contender for me is Engage Magnetix from Moen, which I tested and wrote about earlier. About $125. Considering how it’s increased my personal comfort, that’s peanuts. Get one for yourself if it sounds appealing. You deserve it!

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