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A generational design sale is happening now at family-owned Elte

I LOVE to walk the floor at Elte, the storied Toronto retailer of fine décor and design. I know I’ll see beautiful pieces from designers and craftspeople from around the globe. I know I’ll see timeless and contemporary design that shares a commitment to both superior quality and aesthetics. I know I’ll see interesting emerging design, furniture and decor. I know I’ll see the results of clever collaborations—not just with makers of objects—but with partners who support new initiatives—like a foray into fine art.

If you’ve never toured the store, I encourage you to do so-on the weeks I go, it’s usually a high point., Of course I don’t actually buy much. Most of the design available at Elte is a little outside my budget. But I have good news for those of you who, like me, love the pieces but can’t typically make your salary stretch that far.

Until the end of April, Elte is holding a sale that will see over a thousand design, decor and furniture items marked up to 70 per cent off, both Elte and Mkt in store and online at elte.com.

Likely one of the most significant events in the history of the family-owned, century-old design retailer, it’s in preparation for brand, product, and lay-out changes the current generation of Metricks-Jamie and Andrew-have in mind for the the flagship store. Here’s an overview of what’s to come:


A revamped restaurant will serve as a space to gather and linger over a meal while thinking—and talking—about big purchase decisions


Sister brand Ginger’s, currently across the street, moves into Elte’s second-story showroom, under the name Elte Kitchen & Bath. Helpful for clients who are shopping for a full home.


With the inaugural exhibition, Abstracts at Home, Elte launched its Fine Art Program last fall, pairing important international art with outstanding furniture, rugs, and decor. See below.

The prices are shocking (in a good way). As an example, I need a new bed—how about the Hughes model marked down from $4,885 to $1,954? Very sweet dreams indeed-I’m taking the Man of the House (MOTH) to look at it tomorrow. By my reasoning. we would save a LOT if we did buy the bed, which means there would be plenty left over for mid-century, washed-oak Pernelle arm chairs with cane seating. In fact, when they’re marked down from $1,435 to $574. it seems a crime not to get two, I have not yet shared this logic with MOTH, but it will surely be crystal clear to him as well.

Joking aside, this really is a rare chance to acquire beautifully-made, exceptionally designed furniture at terrific prices. Let me know what you pick up, and don’t any of you snatch up those chairs before I get there.

PS: The adorable feature pic is Fred and Zena Metrick, second and fifth generation of the Metrick family.

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